Your first SPIN class

Water is your ally!

We recommend our riders drink water before, during and after class. We sweat a lot and it is important to replenish our bodies.


We’ve said it before and we will keep saying it! You will sweat. Probably more than you thought possible. At MODE we recommend lightweight t-shirts or tanks, form fitting pants or shorts. Socks are helpful too.

Fuel is important.

You need energy to give energy! We recommend eating a light snack 30 to 45 mins before hopping on the bike.

Shoes are required.

At MODE we require that all riders clip into the bike. This allows you to get every muscle in your legs working, leading to a more powerful ride. We provide free shoe rental at the studio.

Your first YOGA class.

Water is extremely important.

If you are attending a hot yoga class we recommend drinking at least 2 litres of water before class! You’ll want to sip lightly while in class and then drink another litre after class. Non-heated yoga will be less intense, but water is good for you. So we still think you should drink lots!  


In yoga we bend our bodies. Make sure you wear something you are comfortable to move in. If you are attending hot yoga, light weight breathable materials are suggested.

Fuel your body!

You can’t pour from an empty cup! We recommend having a light snack 30 minutes before class to ensure your cup is full.

Checking In – Be an Early Bird!

We don’t have worms but we will make sure you are set up for your best class possible. We recommend arriving 15 mins before class starts. This will allow you to grab your bike or yoga spot.

Showers & Amenities

MODE has full shower amenities, equipped with everything from hair ties to shampoo & conditioner and blow dryers. We want you to feel your best when you arrive and when you walk out the doors.

Complimentary Lockers

We have complimentary lockers at the studio for all your precious items. Ask us how to use them and we will be happy to help!

MODE Waiver & Safety

Be sure to fill out a waiver at the front desk. This gives you a chance to go over the safety instructions of the studio.