If you can’t tell, we’re a bit vintage. We are inspired by going back to the basics.

We believe that what happens within these walls directly nourishes the bigger, beautiful life that we have built. That we are still building. MODE aspires to be more than a fitness studio. We are a place that makes you feel more like YOU.

Humans have been moving since the beginning of time. Moving our bodies has been at the forefront of our entire history. We are meant to move, meant to sweat. Some things will never go out of style.

Come MOVE with us.

Movement is NOT a fad.

It’s not going anywhere. There is nothing better for you out there. To move is to be alive.

That ELECTRIC energy.

We believe that it comes from moving together. That feeling we can’t quite get when we are alone.

So, we MOVE together.

In person. Face to Face. We move on bikes. We move on mats. We move on Barres. We move with weights.

FACE to Face.

This  interaction is becoming less common in  digital world. Life is really about the people you meet, and love. The people you laugh with….and sweat with.

Selfish MOMENT.

We believe in our community taking time for themselves. If that makes us selfish, so be it. We embrace a selfish moment.


We honour and respect everybody and every BODY. We all have a right to feel the movement, the beat, the energy.